This Might Be The Most Bombproof Dressage Horse Video Ever

Could you ride a super athletic 4-year-old warmblood over a tarp in a lovely relaxed trot? Maybe not. But Will Rogers can. Will is an Australian horseman who has developed a unique horse training system, which appears to make extraordinary dressage horses completely bomb-proof. Watch this incredible video that may cause you to question why your horse still spooks whenever a plastic bag blows past… Have you ever had a horse this trusting?If you think your horse is a Steady Eddy, then you need to take a look at this video – this might be the most bombproof dressage horse ever!

It can be great to work with bombproof horses. They spook at virtually nothing, are incredibly reliable, and can be great confidence boosters if you’re recovering from a recent fall or injury. But truly bombproof horses are few and far between, and their trusting nature is often the result of years and years of careful training. That’s why this dressage horse is so impressive. She performs a very unique routine in an arena packed with people. And let’s not forget the fact that she’s doing this with tarps, one of the scariest objects to most horses. You truly need to watch this video to appreciate how special this horse is.

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