Massive Horse Collapses In The Mud. Then A Vet Sees THIS In Her Eyes And Knows…

If you are in trouble here in the United States, you call 911. The dispatcher can get you police, fire, or an ambulance. The brave men and women who arrive are there to help save lives. Often times, it isn’t a human life they are called on to save. We have seen firefighters and police work to save cats, dogs, and wildlife in distress.
In this video, we learn about how Cupcake, a 13-year-old horse was rescued after she had fallen into some mud. Cupcake was out on a ride with her owner when she slipped into a muddy, watery hole. Cupcake couldn’t get out on her own. Rangers who arrived on the scene weren’t sure she was going to survive, they had to hold her head above the water because she couldn’t lift it herself.

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