When all seemed lost, this horse refused to give up

Turner the horse was in desperate need of help. His hoof was largely deformed due to lack of hoof care, and Turner himself was in rough shape. But despite his tough circumstances, Turner refused to give up. And when the Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue stepped in, things started to turn around for this horse.
The Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue is based in Shoals, West Virginia. The rescue operates in a high-need region where poverty rates are high and many people face challenges in caring for their animals. The rescue is West Virginia’s largest, and often encounters extreme animal surrender situations where hope seems futile. But time and time again, the rescue finds hope where there is seemingly none.
And that’s just what happened with Turner. Turner’s owner was ready to shoot him, but agreed to surrender him to the Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue. Rescuers discovered that Turner’s right hind hoof was overgrown and infected. It was also folded back underneath his leg, so Turner was bearing weight on his fetlock joint rather than on his hoof. X-rays revealed that Turner’s prognosis was better than expected, and that there was hope for a recovery and a quality life for the horse in the future.

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