This pair of adoptable horses have one unexpected quality between them

At first glance, Daisy and Angel seem like your average horses. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa has put them up for adoption, and they seem like good buddies. But the truth is, Daisy and Angel are actually a very special pair of horses.
That’s because Daisy is blind. She relies on Angel to be her eyes, and Angel helps to guide Daisy around the pasture and keep her oriented. Angel allows Daisy to follow her around carefully, and doesn’t protest if Daisy accidentally bumps into her. Angel will even whinny for Daisy if they get separated – it seems that Angel knows she needs to look out for her friend.
According to, blind horses can absolutely enjoy quality lives. A blind horse’s ability to live life to the fullest will partially depend on the special care that you can provide, but many blind horses get around far more easily than you would imagine. recommends that blind horses not be turned out in larger herds, since a fully sighted horse can quickly become a bully. However, turning a blind horse out with a single quiet pasture buddy, such as in the case of Daisy and Angel, can provide the blind horse with companionship. The “seeing eye horse” can help the blind horse to safely navigate the pasture and to feel more secure.

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