This “Invisible” Dog Only Knew One Trick, Until Her Second Trick Led Her To A Permanent Home

The only thing this dog learned how to do was make people smile. Lemming was a rescue dog who was almost invisible because he was extremely shy and didn’t trust anyone around him. When he got rescued by the kind-hearted people of Sidewalk Special the dog was so exhausted and hungry that it couldn’t believe someone was there to save him from being euthanized.
Rachel Sylvester knew down there that Lemming should be rescued and given the home he needed. So, he was saved along with other puppies who showed excitement and started cuddling, but Lemming was somehow left behind. But as the time passed by he realized they were there to get him out of the stable. Once he was taken to the vet’s office Rachel managed to find him a foster home and worked hard for finding him a permanent place to live.

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