The Big Dog Sneaks Up And Steals The Toy. But Watch The Little One’s Reaction… LOL

When you have siblings living under the same roof, chances are that all of them will want the same thing! It always happens and you can’t deny it. This is the same case with these pups in the video you’re going to see below. Rambo the chihuahua and Gizmo the American Staffordshire are best buddies and siblings living under the same roof, but there’s one problem.
They want the same green stuffed toy! Rambo was the one playing with it first, but when Gizmo saw how happy his tiny sibling was, he decided to give the toy a try too, and loved it. Rambo couldn’t understand why his brother wouldn’t just leave it alone so he started intimidating him! Then suddenly the most hilarious and the most adorable thing happened!

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