After Spending Their Lives In Cages, They’re About To Taste Freedom. This Hit Me Hard.

Puppy mills are some of the most heinous organizations in the world.
SEVENTEEN dogs arrived stacked from floor to ceiling in the back of a white minivan – Yorkies, Bichons, Poodle mixes, Beagles and Beabulls (Beagle/Bulldog mixes).
Some were packed three to a crate, enduring the cramped, smelly quarters for a twelve hour transport. Confinement and filth was nothing new to them. These were puppy mill dogs. What was new: Destination Freedom.
They keep dogs locked up in tiny cages, under filthy conditions, and force them to breed for the purposes of producing puppies that can be sold for huge profits to families looking for pets.
For many of these dogs, it’s a time of glorious firsts: first eye contact, first tail wags, first pets, first steps in the grass, first play bows, first toys … first trust and the joy that you can see in them in the video below is absolutely magical.

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