Verizon Suspended Him For 3 Weeks Without Pay After Rescuing A Cat From Utility Pole

A curious kitty in Philadelphia named Princess Momma got stuck atop a telephone pole – and was blissfully unaware of the drama her rescue caused!
She had climbed the pole around 10:30 p.m. on Friday night. Kind-hearted neighbors attempted to rescue her for hours, but without success. They were trying to coax her down well until the night and didn’t give up until 1:30 a.m.

It wasn’t until a full 12 hours after she climbed the pole that Princess Momma was finally rescued.
Maurice German, a Verizon employee, saw the cat in trouble and decided to take matters into his own hands. Using the telescopic boom of his company’s utility truck, Maurice approached the cat.

He was safely able to rescue her while the neighborhood looked on, some even recording the good deed.
The video of the rescue went viral. Unfortunately, that’s how Verizon discovered what Maurice did. Then, they promptly suspended him for over two weeks.
Their reason was that their “vehicles and equipment were not intended to be used in the area where he operated,” Rich Young told CBS Philly (via Daily Mail).

When the community realized that Verizon did, they were outraged. Not only that, but they wanted to help Maurice as he would lose pay for three whole weeks.
Amazingly, two different GoFundMe fundraisers were started by others to compensate for the lost wages. Amanda Fairchild Boyce watched as Maurice saved the kitten, so she was inspired to launch one of the fundraisers.

In just 48 hours, Amanda’s Go Fund Me raised $3,395 for Maurice (with the original goal only being $2,400)!
The other fundraiser was started by Maurice’s co-worker, Keith Morales. He set a goal of $4,650, but when the Go Fund Me closed, it had raised $7,210 for Maurice.

In an attempt to quiet the complaints online and in the local community for their actions, Verizon stated they will be making a donation to the Pennsylvania SPCA in Fishton to support animal rescue efforts.
As for Maurice German, his act of kindness earned him over $10,000! Now, at least he can enjoy his three week “vacation” from work.

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