This Woman Calls For The Horse – His Next Move Took My Breath Away

Horses are beautiful majestic creatures, that are known for their grace and strength. Keeping them can be costly, but getting to be in their presence is more than we bargain for. For their size, they’re quite gentle creatures, and have a long relationship with humans over the centuries. Frederik the Great is considered one of the top stallions in the world, and is capable of a lot of things.
He lives with the Ozarks in the United States, and is a breed of horse called a Friesian. This breed of horse is on the verge of extinction, but Frederik shows us that that doesn’t bother him at all. His wonderful black coat is a signature for his breed, and he displays it quite well for the world to see. His long wavy mane and tail also add to his unique beauty.

We can all hope that these horses can be brought back for the rest of the world to enjoy, as it would be a shame to see something so beautiful disappear off the face of the earth.
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