This Miniature Horse Wears Sneakers. Why? It’s Part Of His Job…

Cuddles stands with Dan during a ride on the MARTA into downtown Atlanta. Trainers Don and Janet Burleson travelled with Dan and Cuddles to Georgia on a training mission to teach Cuddles to ride the train system. Dan hoped Cuddles could help him navigate the rail system in the Boston area when he returned with her.TODD SUMLIN-STAFF

Did you know that it’s legal nowadays to take a miniature horse into a classroom, on an airplane, or a restaurant under the Americans with Disabilities Act?
Mini-horses are being used as an alternative to seeing-eye dogs as guides for the blind, helping their owners navigate busy streets while allowing them to live full and independent lives.
One famous seeing-eye horse is Cuddles, who was adopted by a man named Dan Shaw back in 2001 after going through extensive assistance animal training in North Carolina.
Cuddles even rode Atlanta’s rapid transit system, MARTA, with Dan, making her the first horse ever to do so, in addition to being the first mini horse to ever be trained as a guide for the blind!
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