Rescuers Found This Poor Thing Stuck In A Ditch, And There Was Only One Thing They Could Do.

Image Credit: Facebook / Hayley Squance

Image Credit: Facebook / MUVERT

Flooding creates all kinds of dangerous situations. It can destroy buildings and belongs. It can endanger people. And, it can put animals into life threatening situations. Recently a particular region of New Zealand was blanketed with seemingly endless amounts of rain.
Flood waters filled the streets, and after they subsided, something horrible was discovered. Rescuers at the Massey University Veterinarian Emergency Response Team, Horowhenua Rural Fire Force and Palmerston North’s Urban Search and Rescue hurried to the scene of an animal in a drastic situation.
An eight year old horse had become lodged in a drainage ditch. The create was trapped nearly seven feet below the ground and was absolutely covered in mud.

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