Man Tries Not To Laugh While Filming, Horse’s Next Move Has People Crying With Laughter

Cameraman Greg Harriott stepped into a horse stable ready to film the breeder when he got one huge surprise. No matter what filming was to take place that day at the ranch near Santiago, Chile, Greg Harriott was ready for the action.
Greg was aware that he would be filming among horses, but what was absolutely shocking is what happened while he was doing so.

Being the professional cameraman that he is, when the interview was ready to take place, he adjusted himself to stand in the perfect location in order to get the lighting and everything just right. The focus was on the horse breeder for the show “Born to Explore with Richard Wiese”.
Greg, ready for action, turned the camera turned on, but as soon as he did, a little interruption occurred. Since the interview itself was going wonderfully, Greg didn’t want to interrupt, so he did everything in his power to avoid stopping production.
He thought he had found the best location for capturing the show, but as it turns out, he was standing right in front of a very playful horse. When the horse realized that Greg was standing right in front of his stable, he made the most of it in a very silly way.

What Greg couldn’t see behind him, due to the fact that he was holding a camera, was this horse totally checking him out. That’s when the horse decided to spice up the interview.
Becoming more comfortable, the horse came up to meet Greg at possibly the worst time ever. Greg was completely stuck in the situation with a show to film in front of him, a camera right next to him, and an extremely friendly horse behind him.

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