Lisa Fell In The Ice With Her Blind Horse, But Moments Later Her Hero Appeared!

This is the story of a woman called Lisa and her husband Calvin, her dog Biyou and her blind horse Cass. Lisa and Calvin live in Ohio and they raise and show horses on their farmland. Apart from horses, they’re also family to dogs, cats, births and other beautiful animals, including Biyou, Lisa’s fur kid.
Lisa absolutely loved Cass and Biyou felt the same about them both and so he’d follow them around wherever they went, but in 2001, their lives changed forever. On doctor’s orders, Lisa was confined to her house because of a back operation, but as soon as she realized that Cass was nowhere to be seen, she gathered up the courage to go out looking for her horse. She found that Cass had actually fallen through the ice and in the effort of helping her out, she fell in.

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