He’s Only As Tall As His Owner’s Knees, But Watch What This Miniature Horse Does!

Charlie is a miniature horse with a personality that’s twice his size.
In a video, shared on the YouTube animal channel Wakaleo, little Charlie is seen running and hopping around energetically in a pasture. The miniature horse, who was born on a farm in South East Queensland in Australia, will definitely make you say “awwww,” much like Vinnie the Mini, the therapy horse that helps sick children and adults.
“With loads of personality, there’s never a dull moment when Charlie gets going!” the video’s caption reads.
Those words aren’t hard to believe after watching the short clip below. At first it seems that nothing can get in Charlie’s way of the open field. I mean, just compare him to the calmer horse that’s also in the video and you’ll see how much energy this little guy has.

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