He Checks On A Pregnant Donkey, But When He Looks Down At Her Feet & Sees THIS? He’s Shocked!

In underdeveloped countries, there are about 40 million donkeys that are used as working animals, as either pack or draft animals. A small number of donkeys live in developed countries as pets or are used for breeding. Male donkeys, called Jacks, are often used to mate with female horses to make mules.
A female donkey, called a Jenny, will give birth to a single foal after a 12 month gestation period. According to Wikipedia, 1.7 percent of pregnancies will result in a set of twins; typically only one foal survives (14% of the time both will live). In Ireland, in 2013, Cormac Williams’ 8-year-old jenny, Tulip, gave birth to twins – and they both survived! Snow and Flake, both females, are both very healthy and thriving!

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