Stray Dogs Approach Teens And Ask Them To Help Save Their Friend

Trevor Costelloe is a famous YouTube vlogger with a huge fan of urban exploring. He loves urban explorations and often visits abandoned structures near his hometown of San Diego. After that, he will share all his adventures with his audience on his YouTube channel.

Recently, he and his friend Dave had an unexpected encounter while visiting an abandoned water park. At first, they thought they were alone until they spotted a big white dog running around near the slides. The dog kept looking over at them as if he was trying to get their attention and want to say something.

The boys decided to approach the dog, but when they got closer him, they realized he wasn’t alone. There was also a pit bull with him. They did not know what the dogs wanted but they knew that there was something wrong.

The pit bull and white dog led the boys over to a pool, and they decided to follow the dogs. “Oh, there’s a dog in there!” Trevor shouted in surprise. There was a third dog stuck in the pool and could not free himself. If the boys were not willing to help, it was clear that he was going to drown.
“I cannot believe that happened,” Trevor said. “We barely saved that dog. If we didn’t come here to film today and explore this place, that dog honestly would have drowned. He barely had any strength left.”

Trevor rushed to the pool and tried to grab the poor dog’s paws. It took a few moments for Trevor was able to get a good grip on the brown dog and pulled him out of the water.
The dogs were so happy to see that their friend was saved. The two dogs sniffed the brown dog, and all their tails kept wagging. They seemed to be thanking Trevor and Dave for all of the help.

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