How This Dog Reacted To Local Mailmen Had Mom In Stitches, So She Had To Record It

As it turns out, the age-old stereotype about dogs hating mailmen isn’t exactly true.
Take this fluffy bundle of love, for instance. She doesn’t hate mailmen…in fact, she is in love with them.

Pippin is a friendly 6-year-old Golden Retriever. She has always been a pup that loved to be around people, but what she has been doing recently shocked her mom.

The family started noticing that, every single day, Pippin would wait eagerly for the mail carriers to come by the house.
Instead of barking when they dropped off parcels, though, this loving girl would do whatever it takes to get near them for some affection!

When a mail carrier or delivery driver approached the house, Pippin was out the door to greet them. They gave her pats on the head, friendly cuddles, and rides around the block.
Some will leave treats for her on the porch (even if they don’t have anything to deliver).

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