Firemen Rescue Petrified 16-Year-Old Dog Who Was Stranded In Middle Of Icy Lake

Dolly, a 16-year-old Cocker Spaniel-type dog was rescued by the Caseville Fire Department after locals spotted her 200 feet offshore on Lake Huron in Michigan.
The lake was frozen with unstable ice and Dolly, who has bad eyesight and hearing, was stranded out there by herself and was seen wandering around in circles, trying to find her way.
Fortunately, first responders got to her in time and rushed her to Caseville Small Animal Clinic, where she was examined and thankfully given a clean bill of health.

From there, she was taken to Thumb Animal Shelter.
Although she was microchipped, the number registered with it had been disconnected, so the shelter was unable to locate her owner.
They decided to post a photo of the pup on their Facebook page in hopes of finding her owner. Luckily, within an hour and a half, Dolly’s 60-year-old owner contacted the shelter and made arrangements to reunite with her beloved pup.

It turns out that Dolly’s owner was visiting family about half a mile from where Dolly was found. Dolly somehow managed to escape the home and wandered off.
The Huron County Sheriff’s Office is advising pet owners to make sure their pet’s microchips are up to date.

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