Animal Boarding Facility Reveals House Of Horrors– Over 80 Pets Rescued

People who entrusted their beloved pets to the care of a boarding facility recently received some disturbing news. Over 80 animals, including dogs, cats, a possum, and squirrels were rescued from disgusting conditions at the facility.
Danny’s Doghouse in Niceville, Florida, is the subject of this nightmare.

Panhandle Animal Welfare Society Director Dee Thompson told reporters, “It was an impossible situation for one person, and unfortunately the building was in decay and it showed.”
The room was filled with spiders and cobwebs and the dogs simply lay in their own urine and feces. Most of the dogs are underweight, and one of them has a huge tumor on its side.

All dogs were alive, but many of them had severe health issues from skin and eye problems to urinating blood.
Media attempts to reach someone at Danny’s Doghouse were unsuccessful.

A search warrant for the facility developed after citizen complaints and 20 pets found dead at a Crestview home linked to Danny’s Doghouse.

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