Shocking Video Shows Man Rushed Past Firefighters Into His Burning Home To Save His Dog

It’s a terrible day for the man Jose Guzman and his family in Pala, California when the fire that tore through their home. It destroyed almost everything they had, except for one thing, their beloved dog, Gabbana.

When the fire broke out, the family had gone out for a visit with grandparents without their dog. A neighbor called him and firefighters after seeing the smoke.

When Jose arrived, the blaze that had engulfed his home as well. Firefighters had already arrived, but Jose had just one thought on his mind is to find the dog. “I was not scared, I was not thinking about it, I was just thinking about getting her,” Guzman said.

As you can see in the shocking video, Jose risked his life to run past firefighters into his burning home to rescue the dog who was trapped in flames. The firefighters yelled at Jose Guzman to stop as he ran past them into the burning house. However, he ignored them and tried to look for Gabbana.

Just moments later, they both came running out safety. The dog was scorched on her nose and paws. Jose just cared for his dog and did not realize that he had been burned on his face and on his hands.

Although Jose Guzman and his family lost all material goods in the fire, they still have their beloved dog. “She’s been with us forever. She’s part of the family. We love her.”

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