Hero Pit Bull Stops Burglar In His Tracks, Criminal Yells For Help From Cops

Note to all bad guys in the Indianapolis, Indiana area: don’t mess with Roxy the Pit Bull. When a burglar broke into Donnie Massing’s home, he faced a dog that refused to let him get away.
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) told FOX 59 that the foiled burglar tried to ransack the home but Roxy stopped him in his tracks.

Neighbors saw the man break in, called police, and pressed record on their cell phone camera.
“When he was trying to climb out of the window, he had one leg out of the window, and then I guess Roxy was trying to pull him back in the house,” Massing told Fox 59.
That’s just the first part of this attempted crime. The guy broke free of the dog, and he is heard yelling “There’s a big dog” just as police arrived on the scene.

Suddenly, the guy rolled off the roof and hit the ground head first.
As for Roxy, she’s being lauded as a hero. The suspect was treated for hand and head injuries, but it is unknown whether they were caused by Roxy or the fall.

One thing is for sure: folks on this street will sleep a little easier knowing Roxy won’t let crime take a bite out of her neighborhood.

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