He Called Petco’s Bluff On The “All Leashed Pets Are Welcome” Rule – Bringing An Unusual Animal Inside

Petco is well known for its “all leashed pets are welcome” policy…but one playful animal owner decided to call the store’s bluff! His name is Vincent Browning and he hails from South Texas. The pet in question?
Meet Oliver, the full-grown African Watusi bull!

Browning, Oliver’s owner and trainer, wasn’t sure how the staff at the Atascocita Petco would react to the massive steer, but he wanted to give the store visit a try anyway. As the pair marched into the Petco, it wasn’t even clear if the big boy could fit through the doors properly.
Luckily, they had nothing to fear! The surprised staff greeted the unlikely duo with gusto.

Being animal lovers themselves, a few delighted employees even approached the large bull and gave him a pat on the head.

Oliver was a perfect gentleman inside of the store. He even posed for pictures and happily accepted the quick cuddles from his new friends.
“The staff members here are always super friendly and courteous to us. We really enjoy coming to this location…our favorite Petco BY FAR!!” Browning posted to his Facebook page.

Seeing a bull like Oliver with exceptionally large horns would be a unique experience, but he isn’t the only Ankole-Watusi cow around! Vincent Browning raises other Watusis – and they’re all just as massive as Oliver.

Well, maybe not all of the cows. The calves on the farm are still growing out their horns, but one day they’ll be as big as Uncle Oliver.
African Watusi bulls can reach an impressive weight of 1,600 pounds, but they are still gentle creatures at heart. The cattle that live on the Triple B Farm with Vincent clearly have charming personalities. They are sweethearts under those intimidating horns.

Vincent and Oliver make appearances at festivals, rodeos, and other events. The bull is so well trained, he can be ridden like a horse (and is even polite enough to visit the local Petco).

The cow has his own Facebook page that gets updated with photos and videos of life on the farm regularly.
Now, if only Oliver would make a trip to every Petco in the United States; meeting him would be such a treat!

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