Puppy reunites with cow mother for emotional reunion

Those who never owned a dog don’t know the meaning of true love. These amazing creatures make the best pets because they never leave your side and will do everything to show you how much they appreciate your company. However, what makes dogs very special is that not only they are affectionate towards people, but towards other animals and species as well.
Rookie is a lovely dog that has an unusual friend. He lives in a farm in South Korea and is surrounded by many farm animals. However, he chose to make friends with a cow.

Actually, Rookie finds in the cow the mother he never had. He is an orphan puppy who was taken in by the farm owners without whom he would have probably died.
The owners are kind-hearted people who love animals, but as a result of the unfavorable economic conditions they struggled to make ends meet and the only reasonable thing to do in order to get the money they were in need of was to sell the cow. They were left heartbroken because of that decision but they didn’t see another way out of the crisis. Rookie was simply grief-stricken. He felt as though he lost a mother one more time.

After the event, the dog refused any food and wasn’t willing to make new friends. And then something amazing happened. The dog ran away from home and using his sharp smell sense and the mooing he was hearing, he managed to track the cow down. Once he saw her he couldn’t hide his happiness. He was running around her like crazy and waged his tail all along.

That emotional reunion could only mean one thing. The two had to be together again. Rookie’s owner couldn’t let the animals suffer any longer so he brought the cow back.

The love this tiny dog feels for the cow is out of this world. She is indeed a mother to him, and although the vet believes he has to make friends with those of his kind, the cow will always be the most important animal in Rookie’s life.

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