He Films Budweiser’s Newborn Baby, But When THIS Happens, I Squealed!

Clydesdales are known for being in beer commercials and working as draft horses. Their size can make them very intimidating, but they’re actually gentle giants who are quite intrigued about the world around them. So it’s an honor to many to seem them roaming across fields and pastures in the Warm Springs Ranch in Boonsville, Mississippi.
It’s an even bigger spectacle now that their babies are able to wander around too, getting into whatever mischief they can find. John Soto is the lucky man who gets to care for these horses, as well as their babies, to ensure that they’re happy and healthy. He fills a big job at the ranch, and has brought many Clydesdale foals into the world, many of which have gone on to other jobs, including the pulling of the Budweiser hitched wagons.

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