Wounded Veteran Remains Hospitalized. When You See Who Comes To Provide Him Comfort? WOW!

In 1970, Roberto Gonzales was shot fighting in the Vietnam war. He was one of the first patients to get treatment at Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital in Texas. Roberto and his wife, Rosario have raised and trained horses for almost 40 years, in Texas. Sugar and Ringo are Roberto’s best and closest friends. Unfortunately, Roberto is quite ill – he is paralyzed, and his organs are starting to fail. Roberto is hospitalized and not able to see his horses.
One of his final wishes was to see them once more. Sugar and Ringo were loaded up and driven 150-miles to see Roberto. The hospital allowed Roberto to go outside, in his hospital bed, to see his beloved horses.
Sugar and Ringo came up to Roberto and touched his face with theirs! They missed Roberto too!

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