Their Horse Kept Disappearing, So They Set Up A Camera To Find Out Why

No one at the Misty Meadows Farm could figure out how all the horses were getting out of their stalls.
It was a complete mystery and even the neighborhood teenagers were getting questioned as pranksters.
That’s when the farm owners finally set up cameras to see what was actually going on. What they saw shocked them all… but not in the way you’d expect.
Mariska doesn’t let little things like locks and bolts bother her. She has easily figured out how to get out of anything!
Her caretakers said they had no idea how she kept getting out…..but I have a sneaking suspicion this wasn’t a secret hidden camera -but was deliberately filmed. Also she may have been trained to do this…
Nevertheless, it is funny, and fascinating to watch her escape tricks, and setting all the other horses free too!
It had to have been deliberately filmed because the camera followed the horse. Surveillance cameras do not move.
However, the horse clearly knows how to open locks and doors. She has figured out more than one kind of lock so she is very clever. Horses are smart. She must have watched how the doors were locked and figured it out from there.

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