She Pats A Pregnant Horse On The Belly. 3 Weeks Later, She Returns To Find A Stunning Surprise!

Ati is a gorgeous mare and a competitive jumper. On July 24, 2015, when Ati was 16-years-old, she gave birth to a foal who was named Tory. At the beginning of the video, Ati is three weeks away from giving birth. Ati’s caregivers captured Tory’s first moments on camera, and we get to see her stand for the first time!
The bond between the two is forged right before our eyes! We then get to see the 4-day-old filly running in the pasture right along side mom! Tory already has a good deal of grace as she trots alongside Ati! Tory will be trained one day as a competitive jumper. Until then, she can frolic in the pasture and enjoy life. Eleanor, the loving 150-pound English mastiff, is running with the horses too.

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