Tiny Puppy Was Found Limping On The Roadside — But A Vet Thought Of A Clever Way To Help

A small and cute puppy named Princess was found wandering alone roadside and rescued. She was limping and avoiding pressure on her left front leg while doing so. Vet Ranch had suspected that she had a broken bone in her leg so an X-Ray scan was carried out. Indeed, the leg bone was broken but it had already healed somewhat, just slightly displaced. A splint was needed to help realign the bone for quicker healing.
However, because of Princess’ size, it was difficult finding a splint small enough for her leg. With a little creativity from the vet, a small splint was made using ice-cream sticks. After two weeks, Princess was able to run around normally even with the splint on her leg. About a month later, the splint was taken off and an another X-Ray scan was carried out to check if her leg was healed properly.

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