Little Pup Can’t Spare Even Mom, Watch How Interesting It Gets. Incredible

There is a negative character associated with Rottweilers. Most of the people think they are vicious and capable of hurting humans. However, that is implausible.
Before passing such critical judgment, here are a few positives about the Rottweilers. They are royal dogs, but their exceptionally self-assured character passes them as stubborn.
When it comes to offering safety, this dog will do anything even if it means being cruel and over-protective. Children may find it scary as it keeps a tight watch over them, but that tells of its caring nature.
You still do not believe me? In the clip below, we see a big Rottweiler training its puppy. The two are playing with a rope. It is clear that they are having the time of their life.
Things heat up when the two-weekpuppy takes the rope and challenges mom to a tug of war. Despit\ the dog’s small frame, the puppy beats the mom to her game. Epic bravery and pure fun for the little canine!

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