Massive Lion Come Face to Face with Tiny Wiener Dog. The Lions Next Move is Totally Unexpected

These cute doggies may seem like they’re too small to pose as an actual menace to others, but don’t tell that to Abby, the dachshund pooch who thinks she’s tougher than a lion. Abby lives at a wildlife park in Oklahoma, so she knows exactly how powerful the lions living there can be.
Strangely enough, the huge carnivores don’t faze her one bit. Although Abby is constantly surrounded by lions, tigers and bears, she’s not worried about becoming their afternoon snack.
Bonedigger is a massive lion that also lives at the wildlife park.
Just his name alone is enough to make you think twice about going anywhere near him. But, Abby doesn’t have any clue what the name means and she’s definitely not afraid of going into his enclosure.

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