Man Goes To The Pier To Spread Grandmother’s Ashes, Ends Up Saving A Life

Some people will say it’s just a coincidence, but I firmly believe there’s a reason this man decided to say his final goodbyes to his grandmother’s ashes right on this very windy day.
20 year old Raden Soemawinata was on Brighton Pier in Melbourne, Australia when he saw a heart-breaking scene. A gust of wind picked up a tiny Maltese – Shih Tzu mix named Bibi and the little dog ended up in the ocean with currents pulling him away fast. To disbelief of standers by and the dog’s owner Sue Drummond, Raden stripped down to his underwear and jumped after Bibi.
It’s so poetic that the end of one life resulted in continuation of the other. Either way you put it, there’s no denying this young man has the heart of gold. His grandma would be proud.

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