Cat Island in Italy! Let’s Get Packing!

SARDINIA, ITALY – A cat sanctuary on a remote Sardinian beach, where visitors may play with kitties in the surf or just watch them lounging on the sand, has been named one of the island’s best tourist destinations by travel website, TripAdvisor.
In fact, the sanctuary, which is located near the tiny fishing hamlet of Su Pallosu on Sardinia’s western coast, has been named the seventh best tourist destination in the entire of Sardinia.
The association which runs the sanctuary – I Gatti di Su Pallosu – has even been once awarded a prestigious certificate of excellence, thanks to the scores of five star reviews it has racked up on TripAdvisor from delighted visitors.
“People love cats and they love beaches too, so it’s a recipe for success,” Andrea Atzori, who founded the non-profit sanctuary with his wife back in 2011, told The Local.

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