Where These 57 Poor Dogs Were Rescued From Will Make You Cringe

What you’re about to read is going to make you sick in the stomach, but note that it has a happy ending, just in case you feel I didn’t warn you! Thank goodness that these 57 poor pups were rescued, I’m so happy for them. So South Korea is literally the only country on the world that farms dogs for meat. If you’re a dog lover or owner, this might hurt your stomach just to think that South Korea actually sells dog meat.
But earlier this year the members of the Humane Society International were able to rescue 57 pups from an unfortunate fate. After rescuing the pups the farmer has agreed to stop dog farming and start an agriculture business to help stop dog death. These rescued pups were taken to San Francisco, CA, where they will be taken to the Emergency Placement in the United States.

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