This Shelter Scared The Cat So Much That She Wouldn’t Even Look Up

This poor cat was so afraid that she stopped showing her face. This is exactly what happens when you abandon your pets. They become scared, they have fear and suddenly, out of nowhere, they stop trusting people around them.
This cat, called Backpack, was roaming the streets of Philadelphia and just then a child saw her and stuffed the already frightened cat into a backpack. The child only wanted the cat to be safe so she was brought straight to the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to get a second chance to life. The moment she stepped out of the backpack, her initial reaction was just heartbreaking.
Although people spoke to her with kindness and love, the poor cat refused to show her face. It was like she was hiding from everyone to escape what she thinks may be some sort of torture. When a volunteer picked her up, the cat tucked her little body into a ball and buried her head under the volunteer’s arm so no one would see her, or perhaps she could see no one.Head over to the next page…