This Rescue Cat Was Born Without A Nose Bridge, But He Still Finds Love!

How did Monty the homeless cat get a home, three brothers and a million fans? This is the tale of a cat born without a nose bridge, Monty. The kitten was put up for adoption as the owner already had too many cats at his house. Fortunately, Monty found his loving forever home with Mikala and Michael who loves him more every day.
The new home also has a three-legged cat, Mikkel and Malle the cuddly monster for all the brotherly advice he needs. With lots of love, pampering and nourishment, Mikkel, Malle and Monty are having a great time at their house with their Dada and Momma. Rewinding slightly, Monty used to be perpetually, attacked by two aggressive cats at the shelter although he never returned their attack.

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