This Cat’s Epic Expression When He Sees A Kitten At His Home Is Hilarious!

So this adult cat, called Ganmo, was catting about in the house when suddenly he saw a basket in the middle of the room. Confused and bewildered, this kitty had no idea what was inside the basket so he thought it was better to sort of step away from it, in case it turns out to a puppy or something!
So this cat was standing far away from the basket when suddenly he saw a familiar face – a face he’d seen before in his life, looks like it’s another meow! As soon as he realizes it’s a kitten, the expression on his face just says it all – what in the world?! Who is that?! In my house?! He’s confused with a pinch of betrayal! He must’ve thought he was getting replaced! He went close to the kitten and just kept staring in utter disbelief!

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