Shelter Dog Get’s New Home And Adorably Freaks Out!

When a dog gets adopted from a shelter, we can’t even imagine what sort of emotions must be flowing through them. It must be such a relief to get out of that kennel and into a warm and comfy home.
For some adopted dogs — they’ve never played in a yard or on grass before. So when they finally have one? The reaction is magical. If anyone has ever moved into a new house or neighborhood as a kid might remember how exciting it was to explore your new surroundings. My brother and I use to call it going “exploring.”
For a shelter dog, especially one that has never experienced a life free of abuse or outside of a shelter, something as simple as a backyard can bring excitement that sends them into a tailspin! Literally, their tails are spinning out of control. This was the case with a dog named Christy!

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