Mom Asks 2 Dogs Who Pooped. Watch Dog On The Left — HILARIOUS!

Mom finds poop in the kitchen and asked her 2 dogs which of them dropped the deuce. In prison, they are called snitches, rats, tattletales, informers; they will point at you and call you out to the warden at the drop of a hat.
No sooner had mom asked for a suspect that they will kick you in the butt and push you on the rails in front of the train.
Judy is a Terrier from down under; a cute little pooch from Koala land. This nice, tiny puppy from Australia will rat you out without any qualms. Of the 2 dogs, she is the sly one.
The usual suspects were wheeled out. Standing side by side, glaring light on their faces, the 2 dogs, Judy the Terrier and Sunny the Chihuahua, were staked on the line.

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