Homeless Dog Carries His Food Bowl Everywhere Hoping Someone Would Feed Him

This story reminds us of the famous passage from Oliver Twist. You know, the passage from when Oliver is residing at the orphanage and is in desperate search of more food. Few things are sadder than a child who is forced to go hungry….but a hungry animal might be just as sad. A non-profit group known as World Animal Awareness Society is looking to eliminate such issues.
They are looking to increase awareness and one of their tactics is receiving a lot of attention. They decided to follow a homeless dog through the streets so that people could realize just how hard their lives can be. This poor dog has been left to wander the streets in search of food and has been reduced to carrying his food dish from door to door.
There are too many people out there who simply assume that the stray dogs are being fed by someone, somewhere. In most cases, this is just not true. Animals who have been forced to live on the streets do not have any recourse and they are asked to fend for themselves. Since these animals cannot communicate basic needs to the world, they are left wanting.

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