He’s On His Computer, But Now Watch Where The Cat Sits… This Is The Cutest Thing EVER.

When you want to watch something, you’re naturally going to want the best place. A place from where you can see every single thing without anyone’s head popping up and down to disturb our views. Yep, this is exactly what this cat wanted too, the best view so she could see exactly what’s going on and what her human was doing. So, hmm… where’s the best place? Her human’s head, of course!
The man in the video has officially found himself a cat hat! Sophie the cat loves to be around her family but she loves more to sit on her human’s head! As soon as her human is on the computer, she jumps right up on his shoulder and makes her way straight to his head! LOL! Sophie sits on the head for as long as she wants and when her human is ready to leave, she’ll climb back down!

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