31 Year Old Cat With A Heart Problem Doesn’t Let Anything Get In His Way To Living Life!

Nutmeg, the cat, is 31 years old but isn’t considered to be the world’s oldest cat. Nutmeg constantly purrs and has a heart filled with love. Nutmeg’s life hasn’t always been all purring and pouncing. He has recovered from a stroke and is still going strong. More than a year ago, Nutmeg was seen at Westway Veterinary Centre in Newcastle after his stroke.

Ian and Liz Finlay, Nutmeg’s human parents said they adopted Nutmeg 26 years ago. They found Nutmeg in their yard meowing for a family! The couple couldn’t resist, and for 26 years the three have been a loving family. In September of last year, Nutmeg suffered a seizure and was rushed to Westway’s veterinary station on West Road in Newcastle.

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