Young Man Risks His Life To Save A Dog From Drowning

Sometimes you don’t have time to think, you can either act, or the moment passes. Such was a time a short while ago for Raden Soemawinata. A Maltese – Shih Tzu who was walking along the pier got blown into the ocean by a gale force gust of wind. Sue Drummond, from Melbourne, Australia, had been walking with Bibi, the tiny little dog, and had never expected that the pier was going to be so dangerous.
Suddenly, the little pup was in thrashing seas and fighting for her life. Sue a watched as Bibi tried to paddle back in, but was slowly being swept out by the tide. That’s when Soemawinata striped to his underwear and jumped in after Bibi. Soemawinata didn’t know Sue or Bibi, but knew if he didn’t act immediately, there would have been a tragedy on the pier.

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