When You See What This Cat Does To His Person Everyday Your Heart Will Melt!

This is the story of Marmalade, a cat who was rescued by a kind lady after living in the farm for around three years. This cat lived on the farm because there was no one who was willing to take proper care of him. But one day, his life changed and he finally became the happiest cat on the planet! In the farm where the cat lived, the kind lady worked there. It was her who saw the cat and upon close inspection she realized that he desperately needed help.
When the lady tried to get close to Marmalade, the owner warned her not to because he was afraid that the cat might become aggressive since he was too scared around people. But that didn’t stop the woman from playing with the cat every single day until one day she was finally able to gain his trust! It was then that the owner told her that he didn’t like cats and so the woman decided to take him home!

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