Traumatized Dog Spends The Entire Winter Outside, But When Rescuers Come For Her… WOW!

Humans and animals alike living on the streets receive abuse, and Zuzi the dog was no exception. A homeless, abandoned dog living in a company’s parking area, Zuzi received a bit of food, but the humans couldn’t get close to her. Rescuers took an interest in Zuzi, but were told that it wouldn’t be easy to catch her because she had been traumatized by a dogcatcher who was trying to trap her with catchpoles.
The rescuers also began to give Zuzi some food, but when Zuzi still wouldn’t go close to them, they recruited the help of a vet. The vet told them that they should give Zuzi a tranquilizer. After doing so, Zuzi calmed, and the rescuers were able to pet her and take her in for treatment for her fleas and wounds.

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