This Guy Uses Reverse Psychology On His Dog, And It’s Hilarious!

Although this video is not in English, it’s pretty obvious he’s trying to make his dog eat his medicine, only in a different way! Have you ever struggled to get your pup to take his medicine? It can be a fight that you sometimes don’t win. Making the situation stressful by shoving the pill into the back of your dog’s mouth and hoping he will swallow it can break the bond of friendship that you’ve been developing with your dog over the years.
Over time, that can lead your dog to becoming quite fearful of you. But this patient dog daddy found a unique and stress free way of getting his dog to take his medicine. Ever heard of reverse psychology? By pretending the medication is something that the dog isn’t supposed to have, something dog parents do quite frequently when their dogs are begging for human food, then the dog will become even more curious and want it even more!

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