Older Dog Is Having A Nightmare When The Puppy Approaches

Several studies have confirmed that dogs are capable of dreaming and now thanks to modern technology we have tons of video footage that can prove this too. It is interesting that this process in dogs is not much different compared to humans.
Unfortunately, dogs just like humans can have nightmares too. These unpleasant and frightening dreams can cause a lot of problems because they can be very intense.
When people have nightmares and someone sleeping in the same bed notices that they usually wake them up slowly. But, what happened when dogs notice that another dog is having a nightmare? Well, you will have to watch this video find out.
The puppy golden retriever awakes because the older dog is having an intense nightmare. The puppy is a little bit confused because it doesn’t know what to do. Finally, it decides to check whether everything is fine and provides comfort to the older dog.
It looks like everything is fine in the end.
In case your dog is experiencing nightmares you should not wake them up quickly. Dog owners should use a gentle voice to wake them up. In addition, dog owners should avoid touching their dogs because they can make the situation worse
“One night I caught my new puppy comforting my older dog during a bad dream. They are quickly becoming new friends.”
When this puppy sees the older dog having a nightmare he has an amazing reaction. You gotta love the natural instincts and care that the puppy shows.

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