Kitten mesmerized by digital fish, can’t hold in its excitement in most adorable video ever

Kittens enjoy playing with boxes and strings as well as following and chasing red dots, but it looks like nowadays they enjoy playing on iPads and smartphones too, and it’s hilarious to watch.
This technology equipped kitten simply loves watching fish on her mommy’s iPad. She is overly excited with them swimming and she just can’t hide it. Sitting on her back legs, she has her arms going up and down all the time.
You can watch this over and over again and never get tired of the sweetest reaction this chubby kitten makes. After watching the video, most cat owners commented how they were eager to try this with their cats, but we are sure no other cat can beat this kitten’s exhilaration over the ‘fake’ fish swimming on a screen.
The video was viewed more than a million times and now you can watch it too.
If you say this lovely kitten didn’t put smile on your face, you’re probably lying.

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