Boots The Dog Was Waiting For The Command To Eat, But Seconds Later Rudi Does This!

Well, Boots, i really do feel for you and I know exactly what you’ve gone through, trust me. It’s the exact same feeling you get when you go to a restaurant and you order your meal. You see a waiter heading towards you with your mouthwatering dish. You can’t wait to dig in, but the waiter drops it off on another table! That feeling is exactly what Boots is about to show you!
This dog was balancing his treat on his muzzle and he was just waiting for his person to command him to eat it, you know like a good dog. He wanted to make his owner proud, but wait. Rudi, his friend comes over, takes the treat off of his muzzle and eats it! Yep, to Rudi, commands didn’t matter, he attended an urgent tummy call!

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