Wild Gorilla Is Infatuated With Pretty Conservationist And Playfully Steals Her Baseball Cap

As chairman and founder of the Aspinall Foundation, Damian Aspinall was more than happy to introduce his wife to a group of wild gorillas that he helped introduce back into the wild.

During the experience, both of them were surprised to have such an unforgettable, heartwarming experience with the animals they helped rescue.
Aspinall is an expert in the field of protecting gorillas and helping in the fight to preserve and restore their natural habitats.
Thanks to his foundation, many lowland gorillas have been able to return to their homes and live happily where they belong in the wild.
For several years, he experienced a number of touching experiences and rewarding reunions with the gorillas he personally took care of and raised.
One particular lowland gorilla named Kwibi, was incredibly touching to reunite with since Aspinall had raised Kwibi as a baby and had not seen him in five years.
Another reunion that was truly touching was with Aspinall’s daughter and the two gorillas she grew up with as a child.

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