Curly-Haired Horses Exist And They’re Probably The Most Beautiful Creatures On The Planet

When you think of horses, you think of short hair on their bodies and long flowing manes – right? I did until I saw the breed of horse called Curlies. As the name implies, these horses have curly hair! The Curlies have a gene that makes their hair (or fur) curly.

The hair also lacks a certain protein, so the horses are hypoallergenic! As you can imagine, this type of coat will protect them in colder climates.

The exact origin of the breed is hotly debated. What we do know is that the breed has been around for some time. Some of the earliest records of the Curlies date back to 161 AD, where the horses were featured in Chinese artwork.

Charles Darwin reported seeing the breed in South America in the late 19th century.

The Sioux Indians considered the curly-haired horse sacred, and only the chief or medicine men would ride them.

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